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Booking Terms

Booking Terms

All reservations at Queens Guest House Edinburgh are subject to the following booking terms.

Please advise if you wish to stay with us. You can phone, email or use our booking request form. Alternatively, you can book online now.

For confirmation we require a deposit for one night (non-refundable) stay by Debit Card or Credit cards: Mastercard/Visa details with valid expiry date beyond the reservation arrival date and full address to confirm the reservation.

The exception to this policy is for telephone bookings, peak times, special events and more than three months in advance booking when a deposit of 100% of the total cost will be required to reserve the reservation and is non-refundable upon confirmation of your booking. Large group bookings require full payment upon confirmation of the reservation.

ImportantTo secure your booking, we require a valid credit or debit card with expiration after your arrival. Please, bear in mind that we deserve the right to don’t accept payments with card expiring BEFORE your arrival. In this cases, we can decide to accept your payments in full at the moment of the booking.

We would appreciate if all outstanding bills are settled in full on departure.

Your bill may be settled by cash, Debit cards or Credit Cards. We do not accept Cheques or Bank Transfers.


Any cancellation or modification made within seven days of the arrival date, the whole cost of the reservation will be charged and becomes not refundable.

We will always try to re-sell rooms if you must cancel your reservation following confirmation. Should you have to cancel your reservation or any part of your stay, the deposit for one night is non-refundable. If not already actioned – the charge applies then. The full charge may be due for your reservation if cancellation is within one week of arrival. A “no show” will be charged in full.

We strongly advise guests to take out travel insurance, after booking your stay. This should cover you for such things, as flight cancellations, bad weather or any unforeseen circumstance.

In the event of the cancelled room(s) being re-let, a refund may be given, which will take into account the value of the new booking. Whether room(s) are re-let or not, the deposit for the value of your first night’s stay remains non-refundable and your card will be charged for this amount following cancellation.

In the event of ‘No Show’, the entire cost of the reservation will be charged in full.

The Management reserves the right to cancel multiple bookings during special dates, such as sportive events, Festivals or end of the year, to prevent unforeseen issues, damage to property, etc.

Booking Terms and conditions

We are a friendly and welcoming Guest House, and you will be treated to our warm hospitality and we are you sure you will enjoy your stay. These terms and conditions are to insure all our guest visits are of a high quality.

Please be aware once you have made a booking with us, regardless of the booking agent, you will be bound by the following terms and conditions listed below. Please also note if you have any special requirements you must inform us at the time of booking. For example, if you suffer from any food allergies or conditions such as claustrophobia, problems with negotiating stairs or any disability which will impact your stay.

We will endeavour to do our best to accommodate most of your requirements. We always encourage guests to book early as this means we can have maximum flexibility in accommodating you. Inevitably due do circumstances beyond our control we cannot accommodate all requests. If you have not warned us in advance of any special requirements then we cannot be held liable afterwards

Property/Guest House is Queens Guest House.

Guests are you and your party

1.The number of people who can enter the property must comply with the number of guests booked to stay in the guest house. Under special circumstances we will allow visitors but this must be approved by management. Approved visitors will need to register however brief the stay. Visitors are not allowed to stay the night or beyond certain times agreed with management beforehand.

2. Any luggage or personal belongings are the responsibility of guests. We allow luggage to be left for a few hours after check out, but we are not liable in the event of something going missing or being damaged.

3. Please note smoking in public places is illegal in Scotland. The property is completely non-smoking.

4. Strictly no pets are allowed.

5. Any damage caused to the property by any guest will render them liable to the full cost of repair and replacement.

Please note any transgressions to the above rules or damage caused by guests will be liable to financial penalties. £100 for smoking and at owner’s discretion for anything else. We reserve the right to cancel any stay or booking found to be in violation of our terms and conditions, or behaving in an anti-social manner, which upsets other guests and staff. Please note these terms and conditions are to make sure everyone has a great time while staying at our guest house.

OUR QUEENS GUEST HOUSE IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED!Due to the pandemic emergency that is affecting the tourist industry, we have sadly decided to make the Queens Guest House inoperative until further notice.

Dear Valued Guest,

After the announcement by the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and subsequent conference from the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, we are writing to you letting you know the immediate impact of these announcements.

As you are aware the last six months since the Covid-19 pandemic struck the hospitality and tourism sector has been disproportionately affected. We were hoping that by now we would be seeing restrictions easing and the recovery of the tourism sector. However, this has not been the case; visitor numbers to the city have collapsed. And with further tightening of restrictions, possibly running on for another six months, well into next year, there is no end in sight.

Therefore we have made the difficult but only viable decision, to shut down for the Autumn and Winter period. With the number of infections rising exponentially and little or no sign of recovery in terms of tourist and guest numbers, then there is no way we can remain open and financially viable.

If you have a booking with us, or a voucher to redeem then please contact us in the spring, we are hoping that we can reopen again, on April 1st 2021.

We can imagine that this may be a difficult time for our guests, and this news will not be easy to digest, but currently, there is no viable business or means to remain open. We are hoping things will have significantly improved by April 2021. It also means we and our potential guests have clarity for the winter season and into next year.

Kind regards,


 CVH hotels.